The Living Room

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Assembly’s Front Room

Aug 1-24 at 9:20pm

A wonderful examination and celebration of life and death.
A bit of Sartre’s No Exit...Dhaliwal and Soldati have hit their stride…The physical comedy is superb
— Arts Beat LA
Masterful comic performances. Ab Fab meets death. The future of American comedy.
— Jessica Knappett

A comedy about death, conceived in grief, birthed by Amrita Dhaliwal & Gemma Soldati. These Accountants of Death work tirelessly to record the death toll. Confined to The Living Room, the occupational hazards wear on these two clowns as they learn the meaning of life and death. An absurd and physical jaunt brimming with existential phone calls, impaired dancing and the love of a goldfish. 

Developed at The Lyric Hyperion Theatre, this show rides the very fine line between comedy and tragedy. Employing physical and absurdist theatre techniques, this show leaves the audience laughing and crying and thrust out into the night to ponder it all.

PICK OF THE FRINGE - Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019


Laughing the whole way through...Transformative and hilarious.
— The Comedy Bureau

Photos and Video: Kevin Krieger, IG @krieger38