Instructors: Amrita Dhaliwal & Gemma Soldati

Pre-requisite: Some previous performance experience is encouraged. This class is good for all types of performers.

An introduction to the basic principles of The Idiot. The foundation of The Idiot begins with the establishment of a relationship with the audience. Without an audience, The Idiot does not exist. Performers in The Idiot Workshop learn to be present and playful allowing them to improvise organically without having to follow improv rules or formulas. Range is developed through a strong commitment to choice, self, and partner. Performers are encouraged to play from their unique comedy core and to discover the potential for game in every moment. Performers are introduced to physical performance engaging the entire body.


“Gemma is a genius. I like the way she deals with each student to help with individual needs and challenges.” 

“I am blown away at how perceptive, insightful, and generous Amrita has been with every class, every student.” 

“The most profound acting class I have ever taken. It strips away the bullshit and leaves you standing up there with your soul on your sleeve.”   

"You will learn kinesthetic awareness, primal intelligence. How do fishes, flocks of birds move together? That’s what we’re doing here."